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Tramadol online is one of the most prescribed drugs in the United States as a therapeutic strategy to treat pain for various causes. This extended use of the drug can be explained by its similar efficacy to morphine but without the adverse effects of this medicine. In addition, this medication generates less addiction than other opioid analgesics. Both patients and doctors agree that tramadol is an excellent option to relieve intense and moderate type of pain. In turn the possibility that exists today to be able to buy tramadol online is another factor by which people use the drug to relieve their pain more often. The online way to buy tramadol involves a much more expeditious and practical process, since without having to move from your house, anyone can get tramadol. Therefore many patients choose this option.


Tramadol is an artificial opiate, a substance similar to morphine and codeine.

When a patient takes a dose of tramadol, approximately 75% of the drug is absorbed into the blood. It is a drug that acts by binding to the opiate receptors that are located in the cells of the central nervous system that transmit the signs of pain. When the liver metabolizes tramadol, it produces a substance of the original drug that is 6 times more powerful than the same tramadol. Tramadol has been shown to be highly effective in several clinical trials in which it was evaluated for pain management and other pathologies.

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In other articles we have referred to its efficacy and dosage for pain resulting from osteoarthritis as well as for neuropathic pain. In addition to these conditions, here we should mention that tramadol can also be used for the treatment of two other conditions: restless legs syndrome and postoperative tremors. It is a neurological disorder that causes jerking, itching, nervousness, tingling, pricking, heat and even pain in the lower limbs when the person is relaxed or at rest – in fact, appears more intensely during the night -, so which cannot stop moving them. To treat this syndrome, tramadol has generated very good results by administering in doses of 50-150 mg per day for 15-24 months.

On the other hand, postoperative tremors are a frequent phenomenon after surgery. In addition to nausea, vomiting and pain are the most common causes of discomfort in the post-anesthetic recovery room, as well as being potentially damaging to generate an increase in metabolic demand. For these complications it is recommended the use of tramadol in doses of 1-2 mg / kg. The maximum recommended doses in adults are 100 mg / dose up to a maximum of 400 mg / day orally in divided doses. In elderly over 75 years, 100 mg / dose up to a maximum of 300 mg / day orally in divided doses is advised. For the elderly aged 65-74, 100 mg / dose is usually indicated up to a maximum of 400 mg / day orally in divided doses. On the other hand, in adolescents older than 16 years: 100 mg / dose up to a maximum of 400 mg / day orally in divided doses.


Tramadol has a high level of effectiveness and is prescribed to control both short-term pain and chronic pain. In a clinical study published in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, researchers studied the effectiveness of tramadol in postoperative pain control compared to combination therapy with acetaminophen and other pain medications. The authors concluded that tramadol was superior to alternative therapy and well tolerated.

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In another article published in Drugs and Aging, tramadol was considered highly useful in elderly patients during the postoperative period. Either way, the authorities recommend close monitoring for elderly patients taking tramadol. Finally, research published in the November 2012 issue of Clinical Rheumatology found that the combination of tramadol with acetaminophen may be more effective than the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for long-term treatment in chronic pain.

One of the most important variables when evaluating the suitability of taking a medication such as tramadol lies in its effectiveness. We have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs about this variable, which has been widely demonstrated when tramadol is administered. The other variable that becomes very important is the safety of the drug, that is, the assessment of the adverse effects of taking this drug. To account for the fact that tramadol is a safe drug, we can refer to a study carried out by the Spanish Society of Pain. In this investigation, the authors compared the use of tramadol combined with paracetamol versus paracetamol or metamizole for the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.


The researchers collected data from the medical records of patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain treated in outpatient and outpatient settings, specialized in rheumatology, trauma, rehabilitation and pain units. After both treatment groups were administered, the authors observed that patients taking tramadol had fewer adverse effects, especially with regard to the manifestation of depressive disorder. In addition it was also found that patients who were treated with tramadol had improved their mood to a greater extent, compared to those who took the other drugs.


All these data allow us to conclude that tramadol is a safe and effective drug for the management of various pains. The last aspects that we can consider for those people who wish to buy tramadol online is to warn about some contraindications. Tramadol is not used during pregnancy because it crosses the placenta and can cause physical dependence and withdrawal syndrome in the newborn. It is also not recommended during breast-feeding because the drug passes into breast milk shortly after administration. It is recommended not to take tramadol to people who are allergic to opiates. This medicine is also not recommended for children, especially children under 16, because their safety in children has not been proven.