Concerns about Taking Opioids and Analgesics

Prescription drug addiction is no different to other drug addictions such as those caused by coccaine, heroin and marijuana. An addicted person will find all means to satisfy his drug cravings even if it means spending time and money on it. But nowadays, sexual related diseases such as STD and HIV are also related to different drug addictions including prescription drug addiction. Find out how opioids working in the brain and sex addiction have to do with this. Chemically made opioid is a subset of analgesics. How opioids working to act as a painkiller can be simply explained; this is done by the substance entering through the bloodstream to reduce the activity of natural opioids to the brain to slow down the pain message. Opioid is also associated with narcotic effects or sleep-inducing effects which make the person calm and peaceful. Prescription drugs that contain opioid are widely accepted as a drug to relieve chronic pains, excessive migraines and surgery related pains. Tramadol, fetanyl, pethidine and methadone are some of these opioid contained prescription drugs.

However, opioid is also known as a dangerous addictive chemical. How opioids working to act as an additive drug has something to do with the tolerance mechanism of the body. When the body regularly intakes a drug, its system automatically registers it as a common substance; hence, the effect becomes less. Prescription drug addicts often think that this effect only makes their pain even worse and so they seek for an increase in dosage to regain the same effects.

But once the body accepts more dosages, the more the effects become weaker and wear off. How opioids working to the addicts’ mind is these make them see the drugs as a necessity and good for the health and so they do whatever it takes to acquire more even if it means lying to the doctor, spending more for these drugs, doctor shopping or getting consultations from many doctors to acquire more drugs, and hiding these. Later, these people can’t perform their jobs and obligations completely and soon lead to losing their family, friends and job.

Some addicts would also spend more time in order to get more drugs even if it means sex trading or trading sex for these drugs. There are also others who have sex to supplement or enhance the drug effect in their bodies even though it means engaging in anonymous and unsafe sex. These instances often lead these addicts to have sex related diseases such as herpes and HIV. In separated studies conducted in 1991, 1996, and 1998, it was proven that chemical addiction and sex addiction are interrelated. Recent studies that use brain imaging also show that a sexually aroused person has the same brain activity when compared to a person high in cocaine. The only problem with this scenario is that when one addiction stops, the other addiction increases. Most addicts often fail to address the other condition in rehabs because of shame and guilt that will be doubled once the addiction is revealed. In the end, these addicts continue to do their other habit because it hasn’t been cured.

To stop this problem from growing, the addict must address these two addictions with the help of a rehab practitioner. The practitioner must pinpoint the psychological aspect of the problem like past experiences and traumas to aid the healing process. He, the addict’s family and friends must work together and help him to overcome his addiction and remain sober for a lifetime.