Is Expired Tramadol Still Effective or Dangerous To Take

Taking a medicine depends on the necessities of the person involved. One of the types of medicine that is commonly found in the market is a pain reliever and tramadol precisely belongs to this type. But many people are being worried if a drug like this is still safe and effective to be taken even after its expiration date.

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What is Tramadol?

Tramadol is a type of drug that belongs to the category of narcotic drug. The drug is identified as opiate agonists. The very exact action mode of the drug is still unknown. It is presumed that the drugs functions similarly with morphine. If you will consume one of it, you need to consult a doctor first in order to keep you safe. A drug like tramadol is only used in order to relieve severe and extreme pains. The drug functions by changing the way your body reacts and senses pain. It is sometimes mistaken as the NSAID or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug. The obtainability of the medicine is needed as an instant pain reliever. In order to be immediately relieved from the pain, it is recommended to take a 50 mg tablet, but for continuous release, a person can take in 300 mg, 200 mg, or 100 mg tablets. Those individuals who experience chronic pains will be the ones who usually get prescription of extended relieving tablets. This is often recommended to those patients who need continuous and long term treatment. A person must not decide to take one of these drugs not unless he has consulted a doctor for the right dosage intake. However, the main point here is to get the solution from the earlier issue about the effectiveness of the drug after it has expired. The prescription of the drug must be provided with its exact expiration date. After the expiration date indicated for the drug, you must not take it any longer. Taking it in may be dangerous on your part. It can harm your health if you continue its use. It may cause adverse side effects that can harm your health. If your prescription doesn’t include the expiry date, it is usually safe to remain taking the drug for at least 1 year once you got the prescription. However, if you’re not sure, you may then consult a doctor about this matter.

There are other issues saying that the drug can still be safe to take even after it has expired. Yes, it may be possible if you kept the drugs within a dry and dark area wherein they are not exposed to direct sunlight and any other heat generating materials. If this is done, then the medicine can still be efficient even after it has expired. But in order to keep you safe from harm or any dangerous side effects that may be caused by the drug, you may want to still get a consultation.

To consult a doctor before taking any drug is your best weapon. Even though it has been said that the drug can be effective after its expiration, there’s no harm trusting the reliable expert.