Understanding Shoulder Pain

One of the most leading joint injuries that a person suffers from is shoulder pain.  Because the shoulder is the most movable and instable joint in our body, having an injury have a great tendency due to the range of movement allowed.  Movements from the neck down to the shoulder area oftentimes result into damaging the tissues in the area.  Extensive use of the arm through our daily activities causes the pain to the tendon which acts as the connecting cuff that allows the circular motion of the arms.  Soreness of the subacromial bursa or the sac of fluid located under the shoulder also causes shoulder injury.  Pinched nerve because of degenerative arthritis in the spine also causes the injury.  Other conditions that involve the heart, lungs and the spinal cord can also give credit on having shoulder ache.  Having an injury such as falling with your upper body can also result to having shoulder and neck problem.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain you might have trouble using your arm to carry objects.   You can also feel pain at night or will notice swelling around the joint or arm.  A burning and crampy sensation on the neck and the shoulder can lead to inability to move the upper body especially the head.  One can also suffer from numbness or the inability to feel sensation within the hands.  Since tissue on your shoulder is damaged, blood circulation is being affected that can result into excessive coldness of the hand.  You may also notice that your shoulders are not balanced because the ligament is dislocated.  Another signs of this also includes fever that may last for a couple of days.

Quick remedy at home is needed when you feel any signs of shoulder pain.  This includes having shoulder exercise or moving your shoulder in a circular motion.  Try to avoid carrying heavy objects for this may add on the damage on the tissues and ligaments.  You should not also let your shoulder immovable for a longer time period because this can result into another condition called frozen shoulder.  If you notice swelling on the area, applying cold and heat compress can relieve it.  Ice pack helps reduces the swelling of the damaged area while heat treatment relaxes the tissues and stimulates blood circulation.  You can also take medicines such as ibuprofen and tromadol pain reliever to help you manage the pain.  In cases where in the injury is severe and shoulder pain lasted for a longer period, medical attention is needed.  You should visit a doctor; have an x-ray to know if other parts or bones are damaged.

To bring back the strength of the shoulder and to help repair the cells, physical therapy is used.  This is by doing specific exercises that helps regain mobility.  If the pain is severe, taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines is being prescribed.  Some doctors also advise their patients to have cortisone injections to treats inflammation.  When there is major damage and having a physical therapy is not enough, surgical operation is necessary.  This is to help brings back the rotator cuff in its normal position to allows the normal movement of the shoulder and the arm.