Tramadol and Drug Testing

Drug tests are considered as a key in the job recruitment procedure. These tests can be accomplished in various ways. The typical examples of these are blood, urine and hair follicle tests. Tests for drugs are the procedures in which persons are obliged to screen for any foreign substances in their body. These tests depict any chemicals, both abused legal and illegal drugs. However, people who don’t use illegal drugs may also receive false-positive result. This is often observed especially if you keep on taking over-the-counter drugs like tramadol.

What is this drug and why do people use it? Tramadol, also called as Ultram, is a narcotic-like pain reliever. This drug is commonly prescribed to fight moderate to severe pain. It is also a part of a group of medications called opiate agonists. This drug may be prescribed as an extended release or immediate release tablet. The extended release tablet is often reserved for patients suffering from chronic pain and requires long-term or continuous medications. This tablet must be taken whole, not chewed split or crushed.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you should know how to take this narcotic-like pain reliever properly. This can help you not only in getting negative results from drug tests, but also in obtaining healthy body conditions. Before taking this medication, you have to consult first your doctor. You should not take any capsules if you have an allergic drug reaction and have become addicted to alcohol or any drug. To ensure that you can safely take this drug, tell your doctor what you feel and experience. Patients suffering from kidney disease, liver illness, stomach disorder, mental illness and thoughts of suicide are not allowed to take this drug.

For some people, taking tramadol is a habit-forming and it should not be tolerated. You should not take more dosage of drug than what has been prescribed for you. Large dosage can cause dependency and withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop the medication. If you are taking this drug, make sure that you are not taking other substances. Once you do, it may increase your respiratory depression and nervous system. It means that it will affect your heart beat, thus resulting to severe health problems. Effective usage of this drug is well-tolerated. Its side effects are temporary and can be easily treated. These side effects include nausea, dizziness, constipation, drowsiness, vomiting and headache. In some cases, you may also experience diarrhea, rash, vertigo and dry mouth. Studies show that this drug must be taken for up to three months. Taking this drug can result to decreased pain, stiffness, improvement in function and overall well-being.

Excessive usage of this drug can be also determined if you are experiencing various symptoms. The typical examples of these are decreased pupil size, unconscious, heart attack, staying awake and seizure. If you are experiencing these signs of overdose, the best thing to do is to seek help from experts. Immediately call your doctor and ask an instant medication. Taking tramadol is very crucial, especially to those who suffer from chronic pain. However, overuse of this drug may also lead to negative results. This can affect not only your body condition, but also your drug test results.